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July 11, 2022

Greetings Parents/Guardians,

I am so excited to invite your precious daughter to participate in the 2022 session of True Love Movement’s Self-Esteem Saturday School. Because this session will include preparing for the new school year, this year’s session is called “Self-Esteem Summer Experience”. It will be an intensive THREE days of learning, support, goal-setting, self-esteem knowledge and FUN for your daughter (aged 13-17).

This session is an excellent opportunity for your daughter to be supported in a way that is unique for a young, Black girl living in these days and times. With a constant flow of media in their ears and thoughts on their minds, the Self-Esteem Summer Experience is designed to give valuable information and really answer those tough questions that they may have in a positive and supportive way.

From Thursday July 21 (9-3pm) to Friday July 22nd (9-3pm) and Saturday July 23, 2022 (9-9pm including a Rites of Passage ceremony from 7-9pm), your daughter will learn what self-esteem really is and why understanding and evaluating her own self-esteem will help her with her goals.

We will talk about our goals and allow our thoughts to go beyond what we see in media.

We will examine the effects of the media on self-esteem and body image.

We will look deeply at body image and the standard of beauty in America.

We will learn about healthy nutrition and learn some easy and healthy recipes.

We will talk about hygiene, skin/hair care and self-care, as it relates to self-esteem.

We will learn how journaling, visual arts and spoken word can help us in self-expression and coping. and so much more!

We will laugh, we may cry but most importantly we will change. Our healthy self-esteem will increase. Our positive behaviors will increase. Our understanding of ourselves as powerful human beings will be apparent.

Parents, if you decide your daughter will participate, you will have made the right decision to include her in this transformative three days of intense social, emotional and behavioral learning in a fun and interactive way. It takes commitment from everyone involved to see this positive change happen.

I am committed to offer what I have learned to your daughter, as a woman, as a mother and a Licensed mental health therapist with over a decade of experience in supporting the mental health of Black girls and women in New Orleans and beyond. I am committed to being there with new, valuable information given to her in fun and interactive ways. I have also connected with powerful and positive women in the New Orleans community who are excited to share their knowledge and vulnerability with your daughter. I am committed to following up with you and your daughter and being available on an individual basis, if needed.

Your daughter must be committed to showing up all three days on time and with an open minded attitude to learn. Our location will be announced on Monday July 18 (and the location should be kept confidential), but I ensure you our space will be a safe learning space.

It does take commitment on your part to support your daughter in her positive transformation. She may be excited about the new things she’s learned. Listen to her, challenge her to think and congratulate her on her new understanding. If we want to see real growth, SHE MUST BE PRESENT FOR ALL THREE DAYS. If you know that you cannot commit to this, please let me know, so we can offer the spot to another person. Please also be committed to coming to the Rites of Passage ceremony scheduled on the last day, Saturday July 23, 2022 at 7pm. This is her time to SHINE and be rewarded for what she’s learned and will carry with her through life’s beautiful moments and life’s challenges.

Again, True Love Movement’s Self-Esteem Summer Experience will begin at 9 am on Thursday July 21 and each day will end at 3pm (with the exception of Friday July 22 which will end at 9pm).

If before or after care is needed, we can discuss this on an individual basis. The Rites of Passage (will include her parents and loved ones) on Saturday will end at 9 pm. A healthy lunch and snack will be served each day. Breakfast and transportation will not be provided. The cost of this intensive program is FREE due to gracious community donations and sponsorships. Her experience will include a daily lunch, snack, materials, tee-shirt and anything needed for the Rites of Passage ceremony. If you would like to donate anything to this experience like art supplies, tissue, disinfectant wipes, food/drink, snacks, paper towel, plates, forks, money, time...


Here are the themes for each day:

Self-Esteem Summer Experience 2022:

Thursday July 21: Self-Esteem 101/ Self Expression for Coping/Trust Building
Friday July 22: 10 Ways to Love Yourself/Fashion, Hair, Skin, Nails & Attitude/Our Stories (with guest speakers)
Saturday July 22: Mirror, Mirror/Prepping for Rites of Passage ceremony

Please let me know if you have any questions about anything regarding the Self-Esteem Summer School. I am available through text, phone and email. My phone number is 334-531-4721 and my email is

In Solidarity for the Bright & Beautiful Future of Our Girls,
Ayanna Molina, M.Ed., LPC


True Love Movement, LLC

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