Pre-order your copy of Ayanna Molina's new book,

Keep it High: Thoughts in a New Light.  

Book 1, Run Away Girl left some wondering "What happens when you turn your life around?"  Thoughts change and habits change, but one thing is paramount:

no matter what happens around us, we must Keep it High!  

The book is an easy to read cleection of thoughts on serious topics such as Death, Marriage, Healing and the Black Nation.  Ayanna holds no punches in her own way with clarity and honesty and poetry all the way through.  Would you like to know the rest of the story after she found self-love?  Pre-order your copy today!

New Orleans and Beyond

There is a personal journey that must take place in each of us before the world becomes a balanced place.  Positive World Healing is the final goal of True Love Movement!  The journey starts with YOU.  Won't you join the True Love Movement?  You don't have to sign on the dotted line or pay a fee.  Just journey to True Love...Self Love...Sistah/Brotha Love...Community Love...One Love...True Love with US!  The time is NOW!  


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New Orleans and Beyond